03 January 2008

happy new year

I've probably had enough of break now so I should be pulling my finger out and doing stuff. I hope everyone else had a good one too!

So the start of a new year has brought with it a new Canon printer/scanner/copier, and very pleased I am about it too (I got a nice little Christmas bonus from my boss!). The above picture is scanned from Quilts of Provence by Kathryn Berenson . I love this dress, it's actually inside out deliberately to show how the lining was pieced together. One day I'll make a quilted winter skirt ........

The picture quality isn't too good as I had to reduce it a lot. It came up on the computer at 7.8mb! So I have to fiddle with the settings, sounds like a challenge!

Tony's 'Pirates & Wenches' party is this Saturday. I've made the dodice for my wench outfit and have started the dress. I also have to fix up Ant but I'm hoping that won't be too hard, just wish he won't be too fussy about what he wears.


  1. We have a Canon printer/copier/scanner like that, though not quite as fancy, and I have to say that we've stopped buying ink for it and the only reason it's plugged in at all anymore is cause I use it to scan book covers!

    Otherwise we save files from the iMac to a memory stick, put them onto the crappy old laptop and print them on my lovely laser printer.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a good printer the Canon, it just costs so damn much to get ink for it, and it goes through it so fast.

    Hope I haven't completely deflated your excitement in this new toy. Sisters, eh?

    Hope you post a photo of your costume (preferaby with you in it) for the Pirates & Wenches Party!


  2. I got a Canon printer because the cartridges are refillable. They cost about $16 (depending on the colour) at Tas Printer Cartridge Co in Elizabeth St. I'm using a lot less ink too since Tara left home!(sorry Tara!)

  3. Smarty-pants.

    They're nearly $40 here, and not re-fillable.

    What's this, you have a blog and didn't tell me about it? Sneaky!

  4. Haven't actually started a blog yet - just registered. I'm trying to think of a snazzy name for it. So don't worry, I'll let you all know when it starts. then I can bore the pants off anyone who cares to read!

  5. Woohoo Mum's getting a blog!! I'll read it!