11 January 2008

waste not want not

Last night Gracie was lying beside me having a cuddle in bed (as she does). However she relaxed just a bit too much and started to slide off the bed (as you would). And being a cat she automatically reached out a claw to try and stop gravity from taking its toll (as it does). In doing so she ripped the sheet and gave me a little puncture which of course made me yelp and scare Ant awake (as it would).

I'm too tight to just go and buy another sheet and apart from the tear, it's perfectly good. So I thought I'd better patch it up and mulled over said thought. I had this patch already cut out (for one of the neice's bags I think, but didn't work) and one side of the double sided fusible webbing applied to its back. On it went, covering the L shaped tear quite nicely, but I thought I'd need to reinforce the fusible webbing and tried a bit of free-motion stuff - and it was fun! The only time I ever do free motion is when I'm machine quilting and unless it's stippling I'll always follow a pattern drawn on the quilt or go around the outside of applique, therefore this was a lovely adventure.

So the moral to this long winded story is that doing this simple patch has increased the appeal of trying this type of effect on bags and the like - with a nice abstract-y feel to it (ooo, did Ms Restrained say the 'A' word??!).

We'll see what we come up with.....

On another note, Ant's dad recommended we change our photo storage on the computer over to Picasa. Powered by Google, it allows you to edit your photos to a certain degree, but what I really love is that if you hightlight your photo/s and click on the 'blog this' icon at the bottom of the screen, it will automatically take you over to Blogger and will bring these photos up in a new post - reduced in image size and all! Computers are such fun.

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  1. ohhh picsa sounds fun....
    My mother used to patch all our sheets when we were kids.. even to the point where she used to split them down the middle and join the outsides to get longer life out of them when they were getting thin...oh the joys of being poor....