18 January 2008

jam jam jam

I really do enjoy making jam. I thinkpart of it has to do with all those generations before us instilling a sense of living off our spoils and preserving for the future.

I went and picked plums from my sister-in-laws house yesterday arvo and started cooking them last night, while Ant went out the back and picked the Greengages. Unfortunately I didn't have as much sugar in the crock as I thought - despite raiding the caster sugar crock as well! Therefore it sat in the pot until today brought forth more, and more, so I could do the greengages as well.
These would have to be my favourite eating plums and makes excellent jam as well. I remember reading of how they were named. They were first developed in a Mr Green's orchard back in the 17th or 18th century (in England of course!), thereafter named "Green's gages". The old tree would have to be over 50 years and we gave it a heavy prune in winter as it had been neglected for many years and the fruiting branches were too high. This spring has given us lots of new shoots at a lower height, nice when a plan comes together. Just have to wait until they can bear fruit now!

We've also planted a new tree only a few metres away so that when this old chap finally becomes fire wood, we should have an established tree already bearing fruit - and many jammy years will be had.

Now we only need the apricot, cherry, plum and apple trees to mature as well - also planted last winter.


  1. Oh I love homemade jam, and greengages! My favourite's raspberry of course but good homemade jam of any kind is amazing. I can't get my hands on any decent jam here - it all has pectin and lemon juice in it, which spoils it. Is Johnno still around, doing his thing? I'm just going off to a corner to drool a bit *sigh*

  2. Yep, Johnno's is still going strong. It's the only jam I'll buy! We'll have to see about sending you a jam parcel.

  3. Yummy, yummy jam!! It looks so good bubbling away there in those pots!!