06 January 2008

and I didn't even get 'pished'

He doesn't look too bad with eye-liner does he? In the end I did make Ant a costume, as he really did want to look special. So it was a mad rush in the morning to Spotlight where I bought this pattern and the necessary fabric. I managed to make the shirt and waistcoat in time but left off the breeches, Ant just wore his good dress pants instead and they looked fine. The dreadlocks came from Chickenfeed but the sword and scabbard are genuine Pirates of the Carribean merchandise - on special at Toyworld!

It was great to see so many people in costume too. So many times you go to these parties and hardly anyone makes an effort. I think Ant scored extra points for a real Captain Jack Sparrow beaded beard, now he wants to keep it like that - grrr!

It's going to be another scorcher today but the house work has been neglected and I'd like to get this mantel piece attached to the chimney in the dining room, so we'll see how we go.


  1. Hello, Ferball! I love your costumes. My son sent me a picture of himself and his wife as Dracula and Lara Croft. James had fangs and Hayley two pairs of socks... not on her feet.
    I'm in Tassie too, BTW - Latrobe.

  2. Just the gear for the oyster lease! But wow! You both look fantastic!

  3. Love it... better watch out or Ant might get used to wearing eyeliner... hahaha
    You did a fantastic job of the costumes...