23 January 2008

sandra's bag and lucy is recovering well

Here's a look at Sandra's bag before I post it to Canada. Very pleased with the flap - The Thug done good, however I came a bit unstuck when attaching the lining to the outer at the sides where the strap also attaches. It was a spot that was too, what would you say, fragile(?) detailed(?) for The Thug so I had to try it on the Bernina which was just too much for it (kept chewing the thread) - poor thing. So after a few unpickings I got there in the end, but had to resort to hand stitching as well.
Yes the divider was a challenge but I don't begrudge it at all (and I don't blame Sandra for wanting it either!), it was something I needed to tackle and I've learnt a lot - I think.

And yes Lucy is recovering after surgery yesterday to remove a grass seed from her bottom. Poor doggy. I noticed it on Monday and took her straight around to the vet, he tried to squeeze it out but to no avail so booked her in for surgery on Wednesday. The seed was a lot deeper than they thought and even kept it to show me (yay). Poor girlie was a bit groggy and spent the rest of the day inside sleeping or licking the wound. She was right for her walk this morning but still a bit slow/sore and doesn't like the fact that I have to give her a pill twice a day, I don't like it either but she's a very good patient.

Quite a 'before' shot isn't it? These lovelies used to reside at the shack (Alonnah), actually they came with the shack when Ant bought it. I'm going to take the seat and back off entirely and reshape the wood to a more pleasing shape, put a better quality foam on (don't know where I'll get that from!!) and of course reupholster in some yummy fabric - yet to be decided.


  1. Oh wow...you have been busy... I looooooove that red top you made...I like the other one as well... alot of work in all that pin tucking... the bag looks like it was definitely a challenge but oh so worth it.. and the Jam looks yummoo... in a couple of years you will have fruit of all kinds to keep you going...
    as for those very different bar stool chair things.... Hmmm I dont know where you would get foam or fabric etc to re-upholster... doh!! hahahaha I actually dont mind the shape that they are.. haha but I am wierd...
    Sorry to hear about poor Lucy... I didnt know she has to go into doggy hospital..
    Oh dear.. I better shift my bum and get ready for work... cant be late AGAIN..... ;o)

  2. The bag looks very nice! Sorry to hear about Lucy, but glad to hear she's doing well.

    What do you use for the handles of your bags?

    My daughter wants me to make one, and she has chosen a turquoise colour. I'm having difficulty finding something to go with it for a handle.

    Talk to you soon! -Alice

  3. Thanks Alice!
    I use leather for the straps - ex upholstery samples that I line with fabric, so you could try at an upholstery suppliers or even the upholsterers themselves. Businesses that make leather furniture will have lots of off-cuts and will sell them for just a few dollars a bag.
    Good luck - you'll have to post a photo on your blog when it's done!