28 January 2008

legend cray catcher

I wish. Here we are on the southern side of St Helens Island, about to try our hands at a spot of crayfish diving. I'm all geared up, that's why I'm looking so comfortable (not) and are about to make my splash. It is worth getting all that weight on 'cause it's pretty spekky down there!

We've dived this spot before and Ant the 'Master Cray Diver' has always done well, however we got to see first hand the effect of the sea urchin barrens - which are gradually taking over the east coast of Tasmania. Crevices and holes that crayfish used to dwell in have now been taken over by the urchins. The only real good thing about this dive was that I spotted and, with Ant's help, caught my first cray - he went for it at the front of it's hole while I waited at the 'back door/escape route' and caught her by the tail. There was even a downside of this too as when we surfaced and measured her, she was a fraction too short and had to be thrown back in along with the 2 abalone that I plucked as well. Oh well, I think I get a big tick for the effort!

The journey back to the boat ramp was another obstacle for me with my breakfast reappearing for an encore performance. Unfortunately the second spew tried to come out my nose so I've been a bit sinusy since - thought you might like to know. I always take sea-sickness pills but they just weren't enough this time, and the sea was pretty rough too! I've come to the conclusion that I'm a calm water friend.

Back home and diving into the sewing again (pardon the pun). Skirt #6 is underway for Tara so I'll post a photo when it's done. I haven't started the stools yet, looked at them yesterday and that's as far as it got - what with my crappy head and all. So I did some no-brainer sewing which cheered me up. Might try to do something with those stools tonight, or give the garden some attention for a change......


  1. A fair weather sailor, eh? I like the water, and can handle the rough stuff (although I haven't been out in the middle of the ocean to feel those waves). I've heard that eating oranges can help with the nausea of sea-sickness.

    It's so exciting to hear you got your first cray fish... who cares if you had to give her back. There are lots of fishers that throw theirs back too!

    Sounds like you had a good day, anyway!

    Take care of you and Good Quilting! -Alice

  2. Ohhh at least you got a cray!!!
    Bummer about the motion sickness... I am with you on that one... I am terrible... a session on the patio swing brings me unstuck..boohoo... Nothing worse than trying to vomit out your nose too.. hahaha
    You may have a piece of carrot still lodged there thats why you are still nasally... haha..
    Have a gr8 day...