04 February 2008

happy shrove tuesday

We only remembered because those crazy funsters on Triple J were trying to sell pancakes in the ABC foyer this morning - all in a good cause mind you. So pancakes for breakfast it was, with a good lashing of maple syrup. Lent starts tomorrow and Ant has suggested we give up alcohol (ugh!), but flexibility is also important and we're allowed wine on Friday and Sunday nights - a lot of wine I hope! No, seriously, I think it's about time I did something like this.

Skirt #6, hem pinned and ready to be hand stitched. I actually took this photo Monday morning and are pleased to say that the skirt is now finished. If you want to see what became of skirt #3 then have a look here. Now it's on to another APQ style bag, my friend Rosie is going to trial it for me as a back pack. I've already made one for myself and I love it but I need to get outside feedback, she's asked for aqua - quite a diversion for me but a good challenge. I'll keep you posted....


  1. Not so good on the no alcohol front so far. Ash Wednesday first day of abstonance and I had a work function. Beer or wine no soft drink. Of course I didn't make any attempt to ask for soft drink either.


    whoops I being Jen for a moment

  2. Ha ha ha... on ya Ant...
    I knew there was no way you could go without alcohol for more than 2 to three days at a time.. Work function... of course they would have been able to find you a soft drink...

  3. Hey Ant, god you crack me up! You shound bloody pisshed mate! Nice one :)