18 February 2008

what I did on the weekend

Here we were back on Bruny Island trying to get more work done.

The tide went out and stayed out for most of the day due to a high pressure system, which makes the pulling of a wooden barge impossible.

As you can see we normally have two barges at our disposal.

One has gone AWOL....

The big one.

Apparently the bay experienced some nasty sou'easterlies last week which was enough to pull it from its mooring. Fortunately the small one wasn't attached to it like it was in this older photo so we still have something.

Ford bay, where our lease is, is at the bottom part of Great Bay and Adam's Bay is at the top. So we went for a drive around to there and ask if anyone had seen it. There are 4 leases crowded into Adam's Bay, with lots of signs of activity but not a soul in sight. We had a look around but couldn't see our little barge, amongst all the grand aluminium motorised barges and other flash oyster farming gizmos.

So now we have to make a new barge amongst the growing list of other to do's on the farm. But really, that's pretty much what farming is all about - think I'm used to it by now!

1 comment:

  1. That is terrible about your barge... if it shows up here, I'll be sure to let you know! Would you come and get it? (hee hee)

    We have not had any high winds lately... I think November was the last time. But March is fast approaching, although we don't get them as bad then as we do in November.

    I think I am going to tackle journaling my quilts/projects... something I've been meaning to do, but haven't.

    Have a great day! -Alice