21 February 2008

time to frock up

Launceston Cup is on Wednesday next week and I'm making over a previously worn dress. Actually it's the dress I wore to my first cup, I'd never been until I met Ant. It's such a great social outing for the locals, and I rarely see a race being run! February seems to be packed with events in these parts - Festivale, Symphony under the stars (which I still haven't been to!), Evandale Village Fair etc etc..

So yeah, I bit the bullet and attacked the dress. I haven't worn it since that first cup and I've also put on a few kilos (not too many thankfully) so what was a snug fitting dress is now just a bit too tight. I've removed the bodice and have replaced it with the fabric shown above, this means I can now wear a bra with it - one of those ones that loop around the back of the neck as my back will still be exposed. The old bodice had a plunging neckline which just isn't me so this way I might wear it more. I'm also inserting panels of this fabric in between the side seams to make it more roomier and comfy. I think I'll look all right. I had a fitting last night after attaching the new bodice and are very pleased with the results. I'm always extremely nervous when drafting a pattern from scratch, even when I've done a couple of drafts with muslin/calico.

There's enough fabric left over so I can make Ant a matching waistcoat. We've never gone matching before so this will be fun, might even get our photo in the paper this time!!

Back to Bruny this weekend though, but at least we have the loan of another barge (thank you Alice for your commiserations!) so we should be able to get a decent amount of work done. I've finally remembered to buy one of those solar camping showers to use at the campsite where we work - so nice!


  1. I think you'll both look dashing. A picture is definitely in order, and you should be in the paper!

    No sign of your barge up in our waters. I'm not sure how long it takes for the current to get here from there.

  2. Sounds like this Cup is the thing to do. And I think you and Ant will look dashing with matching frocks!

    I think a picture definitely is in order... even if it doesn't get in the paper... but I think it should!

    No sign of your barge up here... but I'm not sure how long it takes for the current to reach here from there.

  3. Sorry about the double posts... I had logged into wordpress... or at least I thought I had... and the first message disappeared. I logged in, and I retyped it.

    Then I got the message that I logged in, I could continue here. It's been one of those days!

  4. He he he, nice when our computers want to take control!

    Ant knows all about ocean currents so I should ask him if the barge could actually make it to BC!

  5. You know, if you ask him... I bet I can predict his reaction.

    He'll have a quizzical look on his face, not sure if he has heard you correctly, but doesn't really want to ask you to say it again.

    Then he'll wonder why you would ask such a question.

    You'll just have to tell him about this crazy Canadian quilter you met online.

    OOOH! Do you live in Tasmania? My hubby and I were watching a program last night, and they showed the city of Launcestor (spelling?) If I hadn't read your blog about your upcoming evening out... I would have not really paid much attention.

  6. LOL... Just like on Quilting Friends... ask the question... then stumble on the answer.

    Of course you do... according to your blog.

    I know where you are! LOL.

  7. How long of a trip is it from Launceston to your Oyster farm?

    My hubby google mapped it... when I told him about my last (2) posts. He thought it would be quite a drive. Actually he asked me what street you lived on... apparently the satellite picture is quite detailed over your area.

    We actually even saw the oyster platforms.

    And still no sign of your barge.

  8. *giggle* You crack me up Alice!

    The Google earth photos are very good now, considering the old ones were of cloud cover! I live in Howick Street and yes, you can see our house!

    The trip from Launceston to the oyster lease is approx. 3 hours, which includes a 15 minute ferry trip. Yep, it can get very monotonous but Ant usually does the driving so this means I can get some knitting or sewing done, and it's nice to get out of Lonnie for the weekend too.

    Ant actually enjoyed my question about the barge getting to BC - round the southern ocean 1 1/2 times, then up through the Indian and across the Pacific (I think that's right!)