24 February 2008

freaky february

This is just too weird, we're used to seeing this sight from about May to October as Mt Wellington always puts on a good display (this photo taken from North Hobart). February here usually drags along with continuous long warm dry days where I'm just itching for Autumn to kick in and a nice little chill in the air, Autumn is so beautiful in Tasmania (thanks to senrab4 for the photos).

We went to Bruny to work, and got a bit done on Saturday before the weather set in - howling gales and diagonal rain being literally thrown out of the heavens. There's only so much a person can endure so we snuggled up in the shack and left the island earlier on Sunday, in good time to see the snow display. When we got back to Launceston we were greeted by sunshine and a light breeze, typical....

Cup frock update: I've finished mine and have cut out Ant's waistcoat and started sewing. I still have to decorate my hat but that won't take very long, and I love doing this too. I wish millinery was still a common occupation, I'm sure I'd never tire of it!


  1. Hello,
    I found your blog looking though craft blogs and I think I meet you at kings meadows at Stitching. I am new to the world og blogging.

  2. Hey there Jen... good luck with the hat thing... I am trying to get mine sorted now... arghhhhh If only I knew for sure long ago i was going to the cup....
    Oh well.. will make do what what i have collected together...
    See you tomorrow!!!


  3. Jen,

    Just a quick note. I'm away from the computer... down with the flu or cold.

    Will catch up in a few days!