15 January 2008

pretty thing

A little present for me arrived yesterday via Etsy. I love her work and when the next lot of fabric comes out I'll be there with bells on! I hope this doesn't make me sound like a stalker, I also go mad over Lara's stuff too and now she's opening her own shop I think I'll be spending a bit of time there also.

I've cut out the bag for Shannon's work-mate and will start piecing tonight or tomorrow. I'm really feeling the urge to do some patchwork or quilting, then I'll have something worth blogging about on the APQ site. The next item on the list though is the Roman blind for the dining room. We attached the mantel piece to the chimney last night and used the 'new improved' room for breakfast this morning - so much better!

Now that the carpet is pulled up it's revealed a very interesting floorboard arrangement, that is some boards have been replaced and are a different width and there are cuts and gaps everywhere. We've both decided that a nice big sisal rug in a natural colour will look perfect, otherwise the whole floor would have to be replaced if we wanted to polish or wax. We've taken the combustion stove back out and sent it off to be fixed, as it requires repairs/replacements to the ovens and fire box. There's a place (scroll down to see the IXL one) in Melbourne that still makes parts for this very stove.


  1. Jen.... LOL.

    I've just started and I'm glad you found me. I would be honoured to be included on your Blog Roll, and I will add you! Don't worry about how much you contribute to APQ, just do what you can do. Somethings take precedence over others.

    The intent for my blog was for family and friends to see what I have done... although I haven't posted any pictures to it yet.

    Cheers, Alice

  2. I just took a sneak peak at Lara's blogspot and I have to agree, her designs are gorgeous! Very refreshing and relaxing, not at all insipid or unoriginal. What a great find! There are so many great designers, artists and shops back home.

    Ugh, I'm getting whiney in my homesickness! Please forgive.