09 January 2008

and yet .....

they came off! Sunday night they were looking a bit ratty so he started playing with the razor. First came the porn-star mo, which was just plain scary. Then half a mo - just plain stupid. Then off completely, yes, Ant's face is bald after maybe 3 years of a goatee. Um, it really doesn't look like him - isn't that awful? I miss the goatee!
So anyway, back to reality and there's a couple of birthdays coming up - Ant's Mum and the wonderful Jane, Ant's auntie. These cards are hilarious, I found one last year for Renee and I've been looking out for them since as the shop I got hers from doesn't stock them any more. They've got the whole range at Birchall's, including the dog versions too. So a few more of these might be floating around Australia Post in the near future!

Oh yeah and I'm loving my new scanner!

1 comment:

  1. Omg.. look at all those grey hairs... must admit it took a bit of getting used to Monday seeing a different Ant sitting there...