03 February 2009


Here's the nappy bag from the Amy Butler book, and it's big - like really BIG. I expect that this will be a good thing though.

The fabric is ex-upholstery samples from Ant's work, this one being a Textilia in a cotton linen blend. I used a blue ticking stripe for the lining. Even though I'm a big Amy Butler fan I didn't think I'd want such a big bag in her fabric, and instead went for something more subdued that will match most of my wardrobe. Sound like a plan?
Despite the heat last week I made some apricot jam. Our tree isn't mature enough yet but a friend had oodles on theirs and I had to make the jam before the fruit turned (on account of the heat). So on a 36 degrees C evening in the kitchen I had the pot simmering and the oven sterilising jars, it was worth it though.

I used the recipe from one of my Christmas presents. Yep, more books! Normally with most jams I just do the kilo for kilo of fruit and sugar but this one suggested adding lemon juice as well. For some reason it turned out a bit runnier than I'd like although the heat and humidity may have more to do with that.

Amongst other sewing on the go, and thanks to the wonderful Alice who gave us the heads up I'll have to make some of these booties. I tried knitting a pair similar but gave up, it was too small and fiddly - sewing them should be much more user friendly. Well to me anyway....


  1. Fabulous bag - and just in time. I've been to Devonport and bought you some nappies!

  2. You really are nesting. Love the bag - because of the fabric. It would have been too much in AB fabric. It's a great size too - useful. You won't believe what you end up carrying around with a new bub! The booties are adorable. Please, please, please make some in the crocodile fabric. Yum! Homemade jam, my favourite. I make mine in the microwave these days as I can;t bear to stand over a boiling pot for hours on end. I'm surprised at the resurgence in things like bottling - you young ones are becoming all old-fashioned! *chuckle*

    Cheers...Ann :)

  3. Sounds like a great plan!!! I'm impressed you making the jam in that heat but I bet it was worth it...looks like a great book you have there...and LOVE the green & white crockery!!!

  4. That's a great bag... don't worry to much about the size... you'll use it!

    Mmmm... homemade jam. I made blackberry jam last year... haven't made it in many years. I'm hoping to make more jam this year. I'll have to find raspberries, my DS#2 likes the raspberry jam.

    I'm glad you liked the booties... I look forward to seeing them!