18 February 2009

non sequitur

Remember Tifa? She has taken up residence on the front veranda but still loves to keep me company in the sewing room. Anyways, Mum took this photo of her the other day and has added it to her New Years resolution on Flickr - 365 photos for 2009. Do go and check out the photos of the sheep (and the subsequent photos) in the barley paddock, it's very cute.


  1. Not much your mum doesn't turn her hand to, one clever girl....this must be why you are another clever girl.......

  2. I liked the photo of the piggy! Nice to see that Tifa is slowly becoming accustomed to her new family. She is such a pretty cat.

    Cheers...Ann :)

  3. This so reminds me of a cat we used to have...called Tigger!!!

  4. Does Tiffa always wear that expression? Or is she not impressed having her photo taken. She's a lovely cat.

    Glad to hear she likes to keep you company!