29 July 2008

kitty chaos

Introducing Tifa, the silver tabby. My brother Ramon and his girlfriend Aya have gone to Japan for at least a year teaching English and have asked us to take in their little kitty. There was a lot of 'um-ing' and 'ah-ing' but we gave in and said yes.

She's very cute but extremely shy, and quite put out about being in a strange house with strange people. But then, wouldn't we all? I think the biggest problem is that this house belongs to another cat, who has been making her presence felt. Not in a bad way though, well, there hasn't been a proper cat fight yet.....

It's been interesting to watch Gracie's reaction. Normally she sleeps on the lounge room couch, but now it's our bed, sorry, her bed with her staff. Although apart from this she's behaving rather normal. :) very proud of my little girl!

Tifa has been set up in the spare bedroom with all her mod-cons - kitty carrier (shown above), bed, litter box and food, except that she's chosen to hide/sleep in the cooler bag that sits on top of the wardrobe and after Sunday night, rarely leaves the room. At least she's not trying to escape and run away.

I think our Miss Lucy has been feeling left out, which is absolute tosh as she gets walked every day and receives plenty of attention. Anyway, it's probably because she's been told she's not allowed in the spare room. So yesterday while I was at work our neighbour had to call the council to come around and cut her free from the iron fence at the side of the house, where she got her head wedged and made a loud fuss. Silly girl, she's done this before but always managed to extract her head but takes her collar off in the process. For some reason she thinks she can squeeze underneath, but that concrete in the ground ain't moving for no one! I've cable tied some strong steel mesh there now, hopefully this has solved the problem. I also let her inside the spare room this morning while Tifa was oblivious in the cooler bag, this seemed to cheer up Lucy a lot. We can only hope......


  1. Sound like lots of fun and games at your house!!...So who is really in charge..?? Cathyxx

  2. Oh Jen! You'll look back on these days and laugh. It's very good of you to take in little Tifa and she'll eventually become one of the family (will you be able to give her up when they return?).

    Cheers, Ann.

  3. Jen... I'm not sure who to feel sorry for.

    It's funny how they all seem to work it all out.

    Each will find their own. It may take Tifa a bit to relax and adjust.


  4. At least she's doing better than at our house where she hissed at everone. It took Miki a day to recover and be her normal wicked self.

  5. exclamation points are never excessive!!!