02 July 2008

a nice diversion

Here's the new addition to the Brock stables, isn't she pretty?! Only picked up today, she's a Giant Cypress City. I chose her because of the mud guards and chain guard, and the fact that she's a cross between a mountain bike and city bike. She wasn't cheap and she wasn't expensive either, but this didn't stop me from feeling guilty after I got home. So much money!!! So I scrubbed the bathroom and vacuumed the floors as some sort of atonement, never stopping to think of all the money a bike saves on fuel and how good it is for my health etc etc etc.

I did have to get a mens version (19"), as the ladies only went to a 17". Bit silly really as I'm only slightly taller than average (5'8" or 174cm - I think), so does this mean that Giant think only short-arse women ride bikes? Anyway, this baby is definitely a girl. I'm just having a hard time coming up with a name ....... because she has to have a name.

Whenever I've adopted an animal they've never had a name, or a name that never made it to the pound. So they've quite happily told me what it should be. Rufus was the most amazing, it wasn't a name I had even considered but when I was getting to know him as a contender for adoption I asked him what his name was - and he told me. It couldn't be anything but Rufus.

However this girlie aludes me and I'm asking for help. Got any suggestions? I was even allowed to name the Mini Moke - Morton. This is the thing, the name usually jumps at me. I'm glad Anthony hasn't suggested any, he usually comes up with silly ones like naming the boat Candace. No offence my love.


  1. Probably not "Wedgie."

    Nice wheels though!

  2. But let's be fair, all us boys when we were single called our first inflatable Candace.

    Just because I got married before I got my first inflatable (boat) doesn't mean I'm any different.

    Cheers, Ant.

  3. What about Wayne Wonder Bike!!! Wayne for short of course!!!

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