11 July 2008

friday fluff

On my mantel -

There's a few bloggers out there who do 'on my desk'. My desk isn't interesting enough so we're looking at my lounge room mantel instead.

Tara and her partner Rainier are currently travelling around France. She's a prolific postcard writer and these are the 3 I've received so far, love the one of the old lady with the cat on her back. Tara said it reminded her of me - ha ha haaaaar....

The tractor is one of Ant's prized posessions, a proper Tonka tractor with a trailer (just out of frame). Even as a boy Ant knew this little tractor was worth preserving so it's in excellent condition. It is a shame that these days the Tonka toys are plastic - just not the same.

So, this weekend we're off to Bruny for the first time in a while. We don't get down there much during winter as there's no tides low enough during the day for us to access the stock, it is nice to have this break as once spring begins we're back into it almost every weekend - harvesting right up to Christmas.

Hopefully on Sunday we'll have time for some scallop diving as well. Yum.


  1. Oh Jen.
    Bruny always sounds so interesting.
    Can't wait to hear about your time there.
    We have the Green Metal John Deere Tractor here. Ahhhh Childhood memories.
    My daughter was in Melbourne two years ago for the Summer studying.
    It was so strange that it was Winter there and Summer here. She loved it very much and hopes to go back at some point. The pictures were just outstanding. It was strange when she came home it was Fall here.
    She had no Summer that year, but was thrilled with the experience.
    Take care and enjoy the trip.

  2. Aw, am so jealous of your tractor. If it ever goes missing after I've visited, it wasn't me! The cat ate it *giggle*