08 July 2008

more Pippijoe love

A couple more bags for Cocoon. I'm so loving the nest fabric, which is available at Etsy along with other goodies. I've also done a wee handbag, the long strap attached to the back of the bag slips through a d-ring on the front. Not sure how this one will go but it's worth a try.
And for something a little different, the lovely Marlene is having a giveaway. I could be cheeky and not tell anyone so there'd be more chances for me to win, but in the end I like healthy competition. Knowing my luck though, Cathy will probably win this one as well! :o)

Oh and before I forget again, the bike's name is Charlotte.


  1. Jen,

    They sure are beautiful.
    congratulations again on all your wonderful designs.

  2. Love the work Fer...
    Oh I get goosebumps when I see thug in the background of your pics....haha
    And I must say Charlotte is a beautiful name!