25 July 2008

friday fluff

Originally uploaded by Flexiblelove.

This was one of the things that impressed us at Furnitex. Made of cardboard in a honeycomb weave, it has 2 wooden ends and can be flexed into many shapes. It neatly squashes up to be about 22cm (8.5") wide for easy storage.

Naturally you wouldn't want to leave it outside in the rain, unless you want papier mache, and we noticed that the cardboard collapses a little on the top from where people have sat on it. We did try it out and was surprised at how supportive it is.

Mind you, I'm not prepared to cough up $699 (Australian) for it!


  1. Jen, I have seen this stuff before. They make tables, chairs - all sorts. Hard to believe it would hold the weight but apparently it does. Although I'm not the creative type, I do like design and packaging, admiring those who have a talent for such things.

    My all time favourite is paper mecanics.

    Have a great weekend! Ann.

  2. The picture makes a very interesting design element. At first I thought maybe it was a building, with just a very interesting shot.

    When I read that it was cardboard, I looked at it again, and realized it was a place to sit.

    Hope you're catching up, is caught up.


  3. Ahh Ant did mention this ummm thing...
    Wouldnt want to spill your wine/scotch/beer on it when slightly inebriated aye!
    Hope you are haivng a top weekend... got out for a quick ride this morning , calling into work briefly to get a note I had written down on the pad but forgotten... and then headed into town to Katmandu and bought $46.50 sox for $19.95... huge sale there atm....
    oh and then went to Burgers got Soul... My fav place in town....
    Oh then I came home and washed my bike in the rian.. filthy thing it was...
    Take care and chat soon...

  4. I was just about to say, what is it??? A chair???? Missed you on Thursday night.. Catch up this weeek maybe?...Cathyxx