06 February 2009

and then there were nine

Yes you heard me, nine sewing machines! A couple of Saturdays ago Ant had to do a quick trip to Hobart, he's a sucker for a garage sale and came across a couple while down there. He did find a few useful things for himself and then came across this little thing. It's a 99k electric, but older than my other 99k (of which I absolutely love). It also needs a bit of work done, most importantly the springs in the tension need replacing and for some reason it has quite a long stitch length.
We're thinking that this one may be good to keep down at the shack, as I can't say that it's all that special (unlike the Featherweight). This is also the first electric Singer I have that doesn't have a foot pedal, it uses a knee lever instead to make it run. I'm not sure how I'll go with that, as I'm used to a different type of knee lever -

The Bernina knee lever is for raising the pressure foot, which is wonderful for when you need 2 hands on your work. It's second nature for me to use this all the time, so I can just see myself trying to do the same on the Singer and making a real mess of things.... maybe. Have to get it fixed first anyway.


  1. Only nine?! You need to aim for a baker's dozen. I've never used a knee lift. Isn't it amazing that they have survived all this time given how much use they would have had. I'm sure it will clean up a treat and you'll have it working in no time.

    Cheers...Ann :)

  2. Good on Ant...I'm a sucker too for a garage sale...and I LOVE Hobart...the best markets down there!!! Sounds great for your shack...in fact...the shack sounds great!!! Have a good weekend!!!

  3. Just love the 'knee lift' on my old Bernina. As for Singers, I started on a treadle and then moved on to a knee leaver. I have inherited a Jones, I'm not very good at controlling the sewing while turning the wheel by hand! You may end up extending your house, worth it for a collection of sewing machines.Debs

  4. My mum had one of these, all those years ago. I can remember that she sold it when they bought a house of their own and she went back to a treadle after that. Perhaps it's the same one?

  5. Great find! Nine! Yours are outnumbering mine.... hee hee hee. I've been hunting for a featherweight again... not much luck. The average going price seems to have risen about $100... it is a bit more than what I was thinking to pay. May have to reconsider.


  6. You are going to have to extend your home before you know it... Ha ha ha...