15 February 2009

my blocks

It was nice to dip into the scrap boxes and come up with this effort. I've never made this block before and I love the simplicity of it. Also, Victoria has an excellent tutorial which made my job so much easier.

It's been so long since I've done 'traditional' patchwork, and it was a lovely little break from making all this baby stuff. It's not that I don't want to do the baby stuff, but when you've got a gazillion nappies to make it does help to have to odd diversion - and for a very worthy cause too.


  1. Busy girl.
    Victoria's tutorial has been helpful.
    Those nappies are so good, haven't made any for 10 years. Other grandchildren have been put in square nappies. Have you thought of making BFR blocks from your flannel scraps?

  2. I've never seen those sewn nappies before. What a good idea, and they look so comfortable. I'm definitely bookmarking those.

  3. And the star block is nice and unusual.

  4. Great blocks Jen. I really like this block and it's terrific for those bits and pieces you can't seem to use with anything else. Those nappies are a neat trick too!

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  5. Great blocks...I admire you making all those nappies!!! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day too!!!

  6. Great blocks...I admire you making all those nappies, something that isn't seen too often these days. Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day too!!