12 February 2009

more sewing goodness

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Thanks to Ann and Victoria for giving me the heads-up on their blogs about this wonderful idea of Tia's. This is something I feel a lot of us can easily do, I know for me personally it's a lot easier than trying to make stuffed toys (yep, I'm struggling with that one!), and who wouldn't want a new quilt to start rebuilding their heirlooms?


  1. Fantastic block Jen! I've been cutting up scraps and will make mine of the weekend.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  2. This looks nice and happy...it's fantastic as to what is happening in Blogland at the moment...all the generosity out there is just so overwhelming!!!

  3. I have a few 12" blocks I would love to donate so have commented on Tia's blog asking for her address. What a great idea!