27 January 2009

Australia Day style

It was Anthony's suggestion. He's been wanting to launch the Zodiac at the Tailrace for a while now and Australia Day was the perfect excuse for a little jaunt on the Tamar River.
Yep, that life jacket was pretty damn snug!

It was also a first for Lucy, she's never been in a boat before and after a bit of nervousness she seemed to enjoy the ride. It was just like going in the car except it was on water. I love the Zodiac, it's great for scuba diving out of and I never get sea sick (anything bigger and I do), maybe because you're so close to the water.
Cataract Gorge is probably Launceston's most popular attraction, and it had been a while since I had seen it from the water.

Just past the bridge is the original caretakers cottage (I think!). It's now used by artists who can apply for a residency, their stay can be as little as one week, again I think.

We tied up under the bridge here and had a picnic lunch - cheese and Vegemite sandwiches with lamingtons afterwards. Ant had a stubby of Boags but of course I stuck to water ..... *sigh*

We did the more traditional thing in the evening - to a friends place for a barbecue, lamb chops and then pavlova that I made for desert. Yum-o!


  1. Great stuff...we were there last March and had a ball...just love Tasmania. And a great way to finish off...bbq and one of my very favourites...pavlova!!!

  2. Sounds like a very good Australia Day, of coarse, Tasmania is the place to be, Debs

  3. Pavlova with crumbled flake!!! You decadent woman you. The Tamar is very pretty. Your picnic lunch sounded delightful. As Ratty said, "there is nothing -absolutely nothing- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

    Thank you for the nice words about my blog being featured. Can you believe it? I didn't thing I was worthy of a mention.

    Cheers...Ann :)

  4. What a scrumptious day. I miss boats, ah well, the sacrifices we make.

    Beautiful images of your water trip.


  5. Hi there...come on over...I have something for you...Have a great weekend!!!

  6. Hello again, Dzintra sent me and what a lovely Blog this is. My aunt lives in LAunceston, Cornwall, England. Love Kath

  7. I love the tour. Wow Jen. Beautiful area you live in. I love the caretaker's cottage. What a
    place to dream and create. Love the water too.
    Glad you had a wonderful day. Thanks for taking us along.

  8. Love the photos of Cataract Gorge, we were there on holiday last month, oh wait, in December. Hope you had a great Australia Day and are not suffering with this heat too much.

  9. go lonnie!!
    ( i live here also)
    i'm daniela

    came here through loz and dinny