23 January 2009

little knitting

For a wee one. This was a lovely little cardi to knit, as it was done all in one with only the collar attached separately. The pattern was a free download from Ravelry and I used a cotton/bamboo blend variegated yarn.

I'm one of those people who doesn't like to genderise babies, and if we have a girl she won't be wearing bright pink - especially if she has my skin tone as well. Pink skin and pink clothes do not work very well.

A while ago I bought some of that specially designed sock yarn that produces a type of fair isle pattern as you knit. I'm glad I had enough left over for these booties, aren't they cute?!!

I've started knitting another type of booties, also from Ravelry, and I want to knit a few nappy covers to wear over the nappies I'm making - more on that soon....

Have a great weekend. :o)


  1. Oh Jen, they are simply adorable! Especially those darling little booties. The range of patterns and yarns available these days is mind-boggling. I like your choice of colours too.

    Cheers...Ann :)

  2. This is adorable Jen, so cute. I feel all excited for you. Looking forward to meeting your little person. I am thinking I might have to have a look at this pattern for Rub's.

  3. Gorgeous little cardi...perfect for your winters down there...and I just adore those booties...love fair isle AND I went up to T2 today and managed to get the Melbourne Breakfast Tea...will let you know what it's like!!!

  4. WOW you are amazing!!! I love it and baby will too!!! I saw this today and wanted to share with you... http://www.amybutlerdesign.com/products/free_patterns.php

    23 weeks!!

  5. You continue to amaze me with your talents. I love the beautiful pieces you have made. I agree with the choice of the gender neutral.
    They will be great on either a boy or a girl.

  6. Jen, the cardi and booties are divine!

    I envy those who can create such small things. My skills are lacking in that area. I can't even knit a scarf so it is even. *grin*