09 January 2009

cornishware goodness

Here's the Cornishware tea set that my darling husband and a few other conspirators gave me for my birthday, proudly displayed on our old kitchen dresser (another of Ant's auction finds).

I think this colourway is called 'old gold', instead of the more common blue and white stripe that I've been collecting over the years. If you look closely at the gold it looks like it's unpainted clay, as you can see small grains in it - which may well be the case (should have taken a close up photo, d'oh!).

You see, Ant has visions of me serving tea with this set the next time my sewing group meets here, and I don't see why not. Although I feel that I'd have to make some pretty little cupcakes and shortbread to serve with it, don't you think?

You can also just see another birthday present there next to the jugs, a Domino spot jug and sugar bowl from the F parents. These are the first domino pieces I have (they're a bit rarer) and I just love 'em. They found them at the discount basement in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney on their last trip there. I asked them if they'd be going near this beautiful old building and if so, please please please go to the basement! So they did...... :)


  1. I'm a sucker for crockery!!! Didn't know they had the old gold though...tea sounds good with cupcakes and shortbread...can I come??? Maybe I'll have a cuppa with you in cyberspace!!!
    QBV is a lovely place, reading this makes me want to visit there again...might have to plan a trip there now!!!

  2. Do I dare tell you that I live about 20-30 minutes from a Victoria's Basement (a big one) and visit regularly. I just adore Cornishware (my aunt had loads of itand used it everyday) and Burleighware and pretty much anything blue and white. Is that a cat motif on the teapot? I have a combination of porcelain and pottery.

    The QVB store is a nightmare to negotiate. It's packed to the gunnells and your heart is in your mouth as you try to move around the store. Way too stressful.

    Did you mum and dad have old-fashioned afternoon tea while they were there?

    Your tea set is marvellous and you should absolutely use it as soon as possible. Cupcakes and shortbread would be lovely.

    Wonderfully rustic dresser - good find Ant!

    What a great post!

    Cheers...Ann :)

  3. Your new tea set is just beautiful. I have a couple of mixing bowls in the blue, but I've never seen the 'old gold' before. Its stunning!! And the Domino's pieces are gorgeous :-)
    Hope you use it soon!

  4. Looks great Jen... Fancy Ant having conspirators !!! mwhahaha

  5. Ok, I'll be there! I bet the tea will taste extra special from those gorgeous mugs too! Hows the bump, hope your feeling good!!! Cathy

  6. You said your husband loves to surprise you. What a lucky lady. I love the set.
    Happy Birthday!!!!!
    and many more.

  7. I have been looking for a gold dreadnought jug for months. Where did your husband find the gold teaset?

  8. It was a fortunate Ebay find!

  9. Yep, short bread and cup cakes sound good Jen, especially served on your beautiful crockery.

    Love Leanne