14 January 2009

the to do list gets longer ....

But like any good sewer I need to be overloaded with projects. :)

So this is one of my birthday books, and the only one I actually requested. Here's a peek at a few chosen pages -
I do so want to make this change table. I like how the side supports are velcroed on so they can be removed for washing, which I'm sure will happen at least once.....

Of course I have to have a groovy nappy bag, or just a groovy bag full stop.

On another note, I whipped up a skirt last night. I wanted a simple A-line maternity skirt in black linen and found this pattern which has a terrific variety of clothes to make (I think I'll make a shirt next). It only took about an hour and a half to make, although it would've taken half an hour less if I hadn't sewn the waist band to the skirt - wrong sides together. We all need little wake up calls from time to time.

I don't want to make too many maternity clothes but a girl can't go round naked can she? Especially me...


  1. Jen, how could you not want to make everything in that book?! It's all so delightful. You might want to think about making two change tables - one in use one on the line...

    Love the new pattern - easy and fashionable. I like the shirt too. Will you make yours in a crisp cotton? I have a shirt cut out (not the Spotlight fabric one as I keep changing my mind about which pattern to use). I'm looking forward to sewing clothes again.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  2. Love the changetable idea.. altho I am not sure where you would get the foam etc to make it ... ;o)
    Make lots of maternity clothes girl.. what about the next one???
    He he he..
    I wish I had the energy to sew again... Unfortunately I havent got the inclination to do anything crafty at all.... *sob*... Lucky if I can get out of my own way at the moment...

  3. Great book there...know what you mean about wake up calls, for my little BOM I stitched the wrong side around the edges to the right side. It takes much longer to unpick seam and zig zag than to actually stitch it. Lucky it was only little though!!! Have fun with the book!!!

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  5. Yes I agree nude in April/May would be a bit cold. Although you will have your own little heater inside. I remember the winter I was pregnant with Isabella everyone was cold but me. LOL

  6. Oh my dear, you are going to have far to much fun with that book. The change table idea is wonderful, and when you mentioned about having to wash it at least once, memories flooded back to me (pun intended). Didn't take long to learn to have a "catch" cloth nearby when changing diapers.

    Not naked, but next too. When I was pregnant with my second, we lived in a trailer, and it was a hot summer... hubby came home to find me in my bikini... I looked hilarious, thankfully no photos, but I was much more comfortable.


  7. Jen How much fun you will have making all the wonderful things. Think of how much you will save and have the custom look.
    Can't wait to see them all!

  8. Hi - I just found your blog - and I must say that I LOVE your opening photo - it would be interesting to know the background - are they working or are they sewing at home...? Anyway, good luck with the to do list - sew many ideas!