06 January 2009

lets see what 2009 brings

This one seems to be suffering from the droops. I think I was in a bit of a rush the morning I took the photo, I can't really remember because it was a few weeks ago. This bag was a birthday present for one of my sisters, I've mentioned Shannon before, and as she lives in Toronto I couldn't blog about it until she received it. She was the only sister left that didn't have a backpack so it made sense that she should have one too.
The pocket for this one is using Of Paper & Thread fabric. It's the only one of her fabrics I've bought but she has some really scrummy designs. I have another backpack commissioned using more of the Pippijoe fabric, must get onto that one......

So Happy New Year folks! Hope you all rang it in right merrily. We spent all last week on Bruny Island at the shack, hence the lack of blogging activity. The weather was cold, wet and windy, with snow on the Hartz Mountains - and here was me thinking we lived in the southern hemisphere. It has warmed up somewhat since, we're off to Coles Bay this weekend so I may get to have a swim yet. Yay!

So how's your 2009 so far?


  1. Happy New Year and wishing you lots of special times ahead... Had a look at Shannon's blog...wow she gets through a lot of books...lucky her!!! Have seen Coles Bay...you live in a stunning State...I love it!!!

  2. Great backpack and I adore the red and white print! I am sure your sister was thrilled to receive this!

  3. Happy New Year Jen! Nothing wrong with being incommunicado for a week or so.

    Shannon's bag is terrific. Danielle's fabrics are delicious. I saw some that I thought would suit a *modern* friend of mine. I like Pippijoe to. Looking at my APQ blog you wouldn't guess.

    I wouldn't mind some of that cold weather after three days over 40 I've had enough! Have a nice time at Coles Bay - hope you get to have your swim!

    Cheers...Ann :)

  4. Bring on some warm weather please. I spent a week and a half at Binalong and managed one very speedy swim.

    Have fun at Coles Bay. I may go camping there for a couple of days next week if the weather is nice.

  5. Happy New Year to you too!
    We made it to coles bay last weekend... Hope you enjoy it and get to go swimming..
    Thats on our to do list with the kids... but I am running out of time for everything they want to do.. we each got three things on our list.. we crossed one off all of them today and that was the cinema... and now we are about to cross of one on Nathans list... Kids Paradise... drawn out of a hat!!!
    Mind you I put Pub on my list... so not sure if everyone will enjoy that as much as I would hehehehe

  6. Hi fer...great backpack/bag...happy belated christmas & new years..

    hope you have a bit warmer weather!!

    I have never heard of coles bay..my hubby will know so shall ask him about it..
    have an inspirational 2009...shall keep checking up on your progress..
    take care..

    xx andrea

  7. I love the color combination. Very graphic fabric too with such wonderful contrast. I think it is a winner.

  8. I love your backpack! Great fabrics!!! I have just found your blog off for a better peak!!