22 January 2010

sometimes blog post titles stump me...

It's true, I can sit here for ages trying to come up with a catchy title and end up drifting off to play Spider Solitaire.... again......

Looks like Craft Hope on Etsy has really taken off, they've had 1,174 sales so far. Isnt' that wonderful!
Another fabric purchase arrived in the post the other day. This time from Tessuti who sells ex-designer fabrics, usually from the previous season. They're not cheap so I only bought 2 half metre cuts, but who could resist those bunnies? Still have to decide what I'll do with it though.
Any Australian over the age of say, 25, grew up with Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. And so many Australian children in the 70's ate their meals off a Skippy plate. I did, and so did Ant. Neither of us have our Skippy plates any more so when we were driving past Recycled Relix the other day and saw one in the window then we had to have it, no questions asked.

Tamsyn can now have her own Skippy plate too.

I may be a bit quiet in the blogosphere over the next few days. I have to take my computer in to be serviced and 'cleaned up' (Mum had hers done last week and she said it's like having a brand new computer!), so Ant and I will be fighting over the laptop. Let's see who wins......


  1. What cute fabric! I'm sure you'll come up with something gorgeous for that baby girl of yours. Enjoy your Skippy plate! Good luck with the laptop battle- hehe :) Christine

  2. I seem to recall the show Skippy... I wonder if it possibly aired here on our CBC channel. What a delightful memento for Tamsyn.

    I have heard that parents will draft up a schedule for children to use equal time on the computer... is that what you and Ant require? *wink*


  3. Hey Fer, you must have been hiding behind the stump there, with your Skippy theme and the bunnies on the fabric, You were:
    'Bouning into the New Year'



  4. Isn't it fun to find something like what we treasured as a child? The Skippy plant is cute! I love the fabrics too, especially that white dove on the red fabric! ---"Love"

  5. Yes I grew up with Skippy too...after school!!! Love the plate and have never seen one like it. Mmmm, about Spider, I am addicted LOL!!!

  6. OH i do ..I do ...have a skippy plate still..well it is left over from my daughter who was born in the 70's (just couldnt throw it out )..i took it to camp a couple of weeks ago and the kids went nuts laughing over it... (they had seen some of the replays of Skippy on TV...)

  7. Oh Jen, I know the words to the theme song off by heart. My school mates and I denuded far too many playground trees in our attempts to do Sonny's whistle. We also clicked and tutted and every kangaroo hoping for a reply! Tessuti's is amazing. I love visiting their shop just to look. Cute fabrics - I'm sure you'll think of something. Ann :-)

  8. Bring Skippy back into our lives I say! Though starting to feel a little put out. I never owned a Skippy plate. Hmpfh!

  9. I had a Skipppy windcheater but notthe plate. Now I want the plate....

  10. hi,
    Just today I was eating something unmemorable and I had a flashback to when my brother and I used to fight over the one Skippy plate in the house. I loved that plate, as did big brother. My daughter has some cute plates but I noted, mid munching, that she doesn't love them as much as we loved our shared Skippy plate. When I look at this pic, I feel 70's love.

    I'm suffering retro shopping envy right now ...