22 July 2009

gratuitous baby worshipping

When we came home from our walk this arvo, Tamsyn looked so snug in the sleeping bag of her stroller I left her there. That little gumnut hat I made for her has been very handy too.

As well as the quilt I made for her. We'd just had some tummy time and Gracie decided to show Tamsyn the art of relaxation.

Yes, she is a dummy fan but fortunately she doesn't seem to depend on it all the time. It just happens that she's got one in her mouth every time I take a photo.
We bought a nice bouncy seat with some money Ant's grandfather gave her. She loves it and is now trying to work out how to biff the little teddy that hangs from the arch over it.

She looks so warm and cosy in the cardigan I knitted before she was born.
The cowhide booties fit her now too.

And me? The sewing has been light on the last few days but a bit of knitting has been done, must take some photos when I'm not worshipping baby......


  1. Keep it coming! You can never have too many baby pix. Those sleepy eyes. Sigh. I can see that Gracie is quite the expert on snoozing in front of the fire. Don't apologise about the dummy. I don't believe they do any harm, besides they suck their thumb/s in the womb. Love all the knitted outfits (the gumnut hat is my favourite) and don't those cowhide booties look cool! Ann :)

  2. Just glorious, keep up the worship.

  3. A dummy saved my life with Rachel ( my eldest) I was so resistant and yet so sleep deprived I gave her one and she slept for three hours. The first time she had since birth!!! It did go at a year, I lost it, there was screaming but after a week she forgot all about it lol. The others never needed one :) She's looking ever so cute, makes me want to snuggle her :)

  4. Please keep the pictures coming. I love them and hearing about your life as a Mom.
    I love the terminology of the dummy. We called it a binky. My son used his a lot because he was so ill. He finally left it for Santa Claus on Christmas eve to give to other little people who needed it. Mind you we did not argue with a 1 1/2 year old that another little one would not want a used binky, but his heart was in the right place. He was advance for his age mentally, but that part did not occur to him.
    You are doing just find as a mom-don't worry about the binky.

  5. Beautiful Pics...love the little Hat & those Boots are too cute...
    Enjoy the Journey.....

  6. Gorgeous baby - love the cowhide slippers too cute!

  7. I would be worshipping too if I were you...gorgeous pics...love the hat and especially those cowhide bootees!!!