12 July 2009

sewing for my girl

Tamsyn has been given so many clothes, she really doesn't need me making any for her especially as all her presents have been so wonderful.

Oh but I do so want to sew for her.

While making this little pinafore I was constantly filled with a joy that seemed to bubble up from deep in my soul. I think it was the fulfilling of a dream. A dream that had been buried deep within and repressed during those years when I believed that I'd never marry or have children. I was very happy being single, in my little house with dog, cat, garden and sewing room but it's so much better now with husband, house, dog, cat, overgrown garden (on the 'to do' list), sewing room and a wee girl.
The pattern is from Ottobre magazine. I've read a few blogs that rave about these and thought I'd give it a go. It comes with full size pattern sheets and the clothes range from newborns to pre-teens. I bought a couple of magazines on-line and have found that I'll have enough patterns to keep us going for years.

The pinafore was made from some of the Japanese Gokka fabric that Ant's auntie brought back from Purl Soho in New York, and I lined the shoulder straps with the brown and blue polka dot cotton that I already had.
Tamsyn's quilt was christened this morning, literally. She was having a lovely time lying on it, kicking away and practicing noises, when she thought it'd be nice to add a little puke as well. Which missed the bib of course.

Gotta love babies.

Oh and we didn't make it to the market yesterday, it rained most of the day and is doing pretty much the same today. Poo...


  1. The dress is adorable, love it. I love making the girls dresses and they equally love choosing all the fabrics. Just on the hunt for a good toddler boy shirt pattern :)
    Karen xx

  2. Tamsyn is just Gorgeous & she will look so Cute in her New Pinnie...Love the Fabric you have used...Nice that you have had a bit of Me Time to Sew...

  3. I know all too well the feeling of wanting to sew for your daughter! The dress is gorgeous - she is going to look just too cute in it!

  4. Tamsyn is just beautiful. What a gorgeous baby. I love the little pinafore.
    As far as marriage, baby, etc.'
    Joy double, then tripled...
    So happy you found such joy in your life.

  5. Love this post and its heart felt sentiment!
    The dress is adorable and your beautiful little Tamsyn will do it proud justice. (She is such a cutie-pie!)

  6. What a gorgeous dress...and a lovely lovely post!!! Sounds as though you are Living The Dream. Enjoy every moment♥x

  7. It is the most delightful pinafore. The first of many, many outfits and costumes you'll make until she starts making her own decisions about what she'll wear - thank you very much. Relish every moment. Ah she puked on her quilt. Clever girl. What a shame you missed the market. That rain is heading our way. Ann :)

  8. Tamsyn - what a sweetie! And that dress is divine!

  9. Tamsyn's pinafore is beautiful Jen, I used to make clothes for my boys when they were babies, i still have some of them, its very rewarding making clothes for your precious baby. I'm sure you will make many more.

  10. oh this is adorable! the fabric is gorgeous too, how wonderful to be making clothes for Tamsyn

  11. I love the little dress!! Awwww, I'm so clucky these last few years!