10 July 2009

winter walking

Walking, originally uploaded by Claire Badcock

We don't have snowfalls in Launceston, but we do have heavy frosts which result in lovely clear days with a crispness that tingles the cheeks. In Tasmania snow keeps to the mountains and rarely falls below 200 metres (650 feet), so it's a real treat when it does happen.

Tamsyn, Lucy and I walk almost every day. Lucy being the big doggy that she is needs to be walked daily, which is fine by me, I need to keep active. Mum and Dad spent half the day with us on Tuesday and Mum captured this moment as we were walking through Princes Square, one of the prettiest parks in town.

I love the Baby Bjorn pouch, especially when getting about town. There's nothing worse than trying to negotiate a pram in busy shopping areas. The only downside is that I do get achy shoulders, so when Tamsyn is big enough I'm going to make a backpack style carrier using this pattern (I've already made the sling which is very handy for around the house).

Not a great deal is happening on the sewing front. I've cut out a little dress for Tamsyn and will start sewing after I've finished here. This is a bit of a procrastination though, I should be re-covering the lounge suite with fitted removable covers but it's proving more of a challenge than I envisioned. It would be easier to remove the arms and reupholster, but this would be more time consuming. Hmmm, will have to pull my finger out sooner or later....

Have a good weekend all, and for anyone in the Lonnie area there's the Civic Homespun Market on Saturday. Thanks for the heads-up Gemma!


  1. I love that crisp winter air and Launceston is beautiful even at this time of year. mMy sister-in-law had both the sling and backpack thing and they were terrific. I have a dressing chair to re-upholster that I've been putting off for quite a few years now. One day....

    Cheers...Ann :)

  2. Yes, its always great to have a clear day after a -4°C frost.
    Pouches, slings and backpacks are the best baby transport.
    Thanks for the market reminder - have need to be in Lonnie tomorrow.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Jen you great as a Mom. So fasionable too. Can't say I look so chic after having my 3.
    It is strange to see it cold, when we are finally getting Summer here.
    Thanks for sharing your news with all of us. What a joy.

  4. What a beautiful pic Jen...just perfect and you look so happy♥x

  5. Lovely photo and you look great.

  6. I spotted you out walking on a drab, grey day as I was driving home the other day. I was very impressed. Must get myself out and about more often! You looked very comfortable with the tiny girl and the huge dog!

    Thanks for the congrats!