24 November 2011

While he sleeps...

Tamsyn and I get busy.  In one way or another...

  • We have a lovely sheltered deck area in our backyard that is roofed with tinted laserlite, which is a must in our part of the world what with its depleted ozone layer right above us.  So today seemed like a good day for a paddle.  Tamsyn loves the water, which isn't really surprising considering both her parents are water mad and reminded me of myself when I was young, you know, staying in the water until you start shivering...... 

  • I've been feeling the need to knit socks for myself lately, despite being on the first sleeve of another Tiny Tea Leaves for Tamsyn.  I try to be a monogamous knitter but I think it's just not natural in some ways, although more than two is stretching myself too much.  I've had this sock yarn for a while and it kept calling me every time I walked past it, so I gave in and dug out the double pointed needles.  This is the first sock, so here's hoping I won't end up suffering from 'second sock syndrome' (like I have in the past).

  • And what of Angus?  Well he's crawling everywhere and pulling himself up against any piece of furniture, or leg, or sister.....


  1. It's so nice you and Tamsyn can enjoy the outdoors together; she is so cute and has such a sweet smile! Those socks would feel good on my feet right now! Enjoy your times together! ---"Love"

  2. It looks like you and Tamsyn have fun while Angus naps. I love the water too as do my girls. The pool looks like fun. Does Angus like the water?
    Enjoy your warm weather and knitting and of course your beautiful family.

  3. Ah summer! What a sweet photo and smile.

    I used to be serially monogamous but it seems I have lost all control and now count 3 projects on the needles, a queue of about 4 more before Christmas, some weaving and a quilt waiting to be quilted.

    Those bright socks look like a great picker upper!

  4. It sure has been a great day weather wise, hope you don't feel as pooped as I do from being out and enjoying it ;-)

  5. So that's where the sunshine went - to Tassie! My word Tamsyn is growing up fast. The Tea Leaves cardigan is gorgeous! Enjoy your knitting. ann :-)

  6. Hi Jen.
    Tamsyn is so cute, she looks like you alot. Its lovely to spend time with her while Angus is sleeping.

  7. Sounds perfect Jen..Tamsyn in the water...I'm thinking perhaps she takes after you in looks...hand knitted socks would be perfect to wear I think xo