12 December 2008

book review

I have to talk about this book, and besides, Shannon's not the only family member who can do reviews!

Naturally with your first pregnancy there's a lot happening with your body that you're just not sure whether it should or not. Successive pregnancies must be a doddle in comparison. After a few weeks of knowing I was pregnant I wanted to buy one of those books that can help guide you through the 9 months of this body and mind changing journey.

So off I trundle to my local bookstores, only to find that most of the books were about what to do with baby once it's born. They also had cutesy vomitty pictures of angelic little babies, yeah right.....

Then to my relief I spotted Up the Duff by Kaz Cooke. Kaz is a writer and cartoonist, this book came about as a result of her own first pregnancy and the lack of realistic books about it. Each chapter is based on each week of pregnancy, and also goes beyond to when baby arrives home. A lot of books stop at birth. The start of each chapter tells you 'what's going on' and then gives an excerpt from Hermoine's diary, which is loosely based on Kaz's own journal and is hilarious.

This is the beauty of this book, it always tells you that you can expect a certain thing to be happening but not to be worried if it doesn't straight away. The best example I can think of at the moment is when you first feel baby's movements, this is mentioned at Week 18 but also states that some women don't feel it till later. (this example is fresh in my mind because I've been feeling baby tickle me this week and hey, I am at 18 weeks!)

Since we've gone public with our baby news, so many friends have told me to get this book (more unsolicited advice, it's amazing the amount of things I HAVE to do or be because they say so). Thankfully I can smugly say that I already have it. Even my obstetrician says it's a great book, so there you go.

So before baby is born I need to get this book methinks -
And then I shall be complete.

To change the subject entirely, it's by birthday next week and I'm turning the big 4 - 0. We're having a garden party on Sunday arvo, weather permitting. Rain, rain and more rain has been forecast. Still, hopefully I'll have some pretty pictures of Mum's garden to post next week.


  1. A Kaz Cooke book is always good!!! Many happy returns for Sunday...wish I could pop in and have a cuppa with you and wish you a great day...enjoy the garden party, hope you have good weather...and most of all enjoy the reading!!!

  2. Sounds like a great book!

    You know what the wonderful thing about advice is???? You get to choose if you want to follow it or not!

    Now, if you want my advice... *grin*.... just kidding.

    Every pregnancy is different, as well as every child. After having 4 of them... I can say that is true!

    As long as your doctor says it is okay... then you'll be fine!

    Happy Birthday! I'll be sure to have a sweet for you, I'll be there in spirit!


  3. These sound like great books! I remember when I was pregnant with our first child, I got a book that was highly recommended... something about what to expect when you were expecting. The book was completely devoid of any humor, or human touch and filled with way too much information that did little more then to frighten me. I remember hungering for something that was friendly, helpful, funny and comforting to my anxious mind... looks like you found it!

    Also Happy 40th Birthday!! (I think the 40's are the best so far!) Enjoy!

  4. With all the books out there it's hard to believe we survived for about 10,000 years without them.

    Kaz ia a riot and helps to keep it real. I can imagine her take on pregnancy. Keep your legs crossed!

    Oops! It's a bit late for that...

    Happy Birthday in advance! 40 eh? Just a young 'un. These days they say life begins at 50 - I can't wait!

    Cheers..Ann :)

  5. I've got them both and I must say even second time around I need Up the Duff for some light relief.

    Kid Wrangling is great too but I seem never to have the time to read it - funny that!

  6. Oops! Happy Birthday. Prego brain is kicking in for me.

  7. Kid wrangling well worth the read also Jen, very funny books.