27 November 2008

new eye candy

Thank you, thank you so much for your lovely comments. They mean so much to me. This journey that Ant and I are on is exciting and scary at the same time, but I am cherishing every moment of it. Knowing that a wee person, who already has it's own personality, it's own looks and it's own feelings is growing steadily inside my tummy fills us with great joy.

Writing the above has already cheered me up. I was intending to start this post with a rant, as I'm still getting tired a fair bit which also brings on the miseries. But so what if my second trimester 'energy boost' hasn't hit me yet, so what if I'm running out of clothes to wear. The boost may never happen and I've started cutting out a new top in black stretch knit cotton. Easy. I've also just read this post, the blog of which I've been following for a while and find it very inspirational.

So the above 2 bags are commissions I finished yesterday. They took a little longer than usual as I had to keep reminding myself of what to do next, I'm that bad. Decisions are also a challenge, and I've charged Ant with the job of making them. Bless 'im.

So, more eye candy - yes? A parcel arrived in the post yesterday, the book I had pre-ordered (when the exchange rate was a lot more attractive and then wasn't by the time it was charged to the credit card, but we'll let that pass) a couple of months ago is now in my hot little hands. I've mentioned before how much I enjoy Posie Gets Cozy, and her book is filled with lovely ideas for creating keepsakes.

I do like the idea of resurrecting the art of the silhouette and making it funkier.
Baby stuff, well what do you know, I might just have a need for that.

But wait, there's more.

My parents have just returned from (another) trip to Japan. This time it also incorporated a visit to my youngest brother who is working over there (Tifa's daddy). What better opportunity than to ask Mum to buy me a couple of Japanese magazines.

Lace must be making a comeback. Nice.
This mag is a Poachee one. I don't know it's proper name because it's in Japanese, but it's got the most gorgeous patterns in it.
And very maternity friendly too. Hee hee hee....
So I now have the creative juices literally flowing out of me in a steady stream. Bring on the energy boost!!


  1. Great bags...love the eye candy, you're going to get so much inspiration from it all methinks. Lovely outfit the last one. Looking forward to seeing your new top...going to be exciting watching your progress...and a good idea to get Ant to make the decisions!!!Enjoy it all...

  2. Jen,

    Don't be so hard on yourself. Don't expect what everyone tells you, as each person is a bit different. I think with your new found inspirational ideas, you'll be pleasantly surprised where it will lead you!

    The magazines look delicious.


  3. Where do I start?

    Those bags are amazingingly good Jen and I'm sure Ant will cope just fine with the decision making.

    Nice little crafty things in your other magazine. Sweet without being twee or cheesy. A silhouette of Bubs would be fantastic wouldn't it?

    Fab mags with such great clothes - very you Jen. I love the stripey tights. Plenty of inspiration in there them pages.

    Hang in there, the mad maternity moments will pass - okay mine haven't and I'm still using the pregnancy excuse 20 years later but...

    Eventually you'll stop putting the milk in the cupboard and the flyspray in the fridge - no wait, that was me.

    Have a cup of tea and lie back in your favourite chair with your nice new mags and...Enjoy!

    Ann :)

  4. I had one of these wonderful Rufus bags on my 3 week trip around Japan and let me tell you all - they're the best way to travel! They hold so much, but they're just so neat and funky. With Rufus bag and down jacket you can go anywhere!

  5. Ohh, I love those clothes...i can see you in them now!!! And the bags are beautiful!! You made me all goosebumpy with your first paragraph...lovely writing and sentiment!! Cathy

  6. Love all the eye candy. So much fun. Love your bags.

    Jen don't worry so much the pregnancy ups and downs go with the territory. The little one will be a boost enough. (Just frustrating waiting through the pregnancy to finally hold the littest one)

    Look forward to your creations. Baby and sewing.
    Take care,

  7. Your blog is full of lovely things!! I like all the sneaky peeks at the magazines and your bags are great!!

  8. Good Afternoon Fer...I have just tagged you...come on over and take a look (but only if you have the time)...