14 November 2008

new clothes for summer

A little while ago Ann and I bought the same fabric from our respective Spotlight stores and then mused at what our interpretations would produce. I had decided to do an overshirt type top for summer. I've used this pattern before and especially like the added touch of the pintucks on the front. This time I've made it longer so I can also wear it as a dress with footless tights, should look alright.

So why do I need a loose fitting top? Why, to accommodate the developing baby bump!

This is our first, so it's very exciting and a bit daunting at the same time. Also because of my age (39) there are more risks to consider, however I had my 13 week scan on Monday morning and everything appears to be 'normal'. I've been feeling pretty good too, only a bit of nausea in the afternoons and evening, and getting tired a lot of course. I'm looking forward to the second trimester happy hormones and energy boost, so here's hoping there'll be a lot more creativity coming from my sewing room.


  1. Congratulations on the baby,

    hugz, Fran W

  2. Congratulations guys!!! Wow a baby in our Stitching group!! How exciting!! Just think how many aunties he/she will have!! Cathy and Alexxx

  3. Congratulations Fer!!!How exciting is that...and a gorgeous top too, it looks great and versatile too with the tights...have a great weekend, Dzintra XX

  4. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Your wee baby bump is adorable, and I LOVE the top!

  5. 13 weeks!!!! Sure you don't have two in there? It's a rather large bump for only 13 weeks! And I should know, I've had 6.

  6. Oh Jen!

    Did you hear me squealing with delight?

    I am so excited and pleased for you and Ant. It's such an extraordinary experience.

    I knew I sensed children.

    Your shirt looks fabulous! Of course, I haven't even started yet so I had better get a wriggle on now. I have to accommodate a belly bump too but it's a post-baby - well and truly post!


    It's such wonderful news!

    Take care of yourself and Bub.

    Ann :)-

  7. Woohoo!

    I suppose that's a good enough reason to be a bit absentee of late.

    I hope things continue to go well. Be sure to send Ant out for one of those cravings... even if its not. *wink*


  8. Congrats again Fer and of course Ant...... tis awesome news...

  9. Jen, no way! I am guessing this was your way to announce! Congrats and I am so VERY excited because I'm 13 weeks along too. Oh how way cool! I am so very excited and LOVING your new top. And your bump is PRECIOUS!!! Are you going to find out gender? We don't, we wait till the birth. (i know we're the odd ones). Oh WOW I am super excited for you, and your first too? My sister had her first March 2007, she was 41! Congrats and keep us informed!!!
    Love and Blessings,
    Jackie from APQ
    Missionary in Guatemala from USA

  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I hope you continue to feel well and enjoy this time, get as much crafting done as you can!!!

  11. OH Congratulations Jen. HOW EXCITING!!!! I am so happy for you.
    All the wonderful things you can stitch for the little one. I started with heirloom sewing-you will love it. I love the top. Better start making many more of those.I am soooo excited for you.
    Congrats again,

  12. Congratulations, how wonderful!!
    The top looks great, as do you and your little baby bump!!

  13. Thanks for calling by with your good wishes...hope you're keeping well...take care, Dzintra