07 November 2008

so where were we?

I've been really pre-occupied of late, I can't say why at the moment but all shall be revealed in due course.

So it was one of my sisters' birthday the other day and she always likes a bag from me. I've already given her one of my backpacks and I've been wanting to get back into satchels -
This one has a cute Japanese fabric on the flap, and also has a clear plastic cover (a la Nicola Cerini love her bags!). I've since made one for myself using some yummy yummy Cicada Studio fabric, and still have to take a photo of.October, November and December are mad months as far as birthdays go, so I can't even think about Christmas presents until early December (grrr!). This little purse was made for my friend Rosie's birthday, the pattern is from Amy Karols book Bend the Rules Sewing. It's a handy little book for making gifts I've found.
It has 2 pouches inside which are big enough for a credit card and a couple of folded up notes. Perfect for when you're going out on the town and don't want to take your entire purse. The aqua print is from one of those talented Melbourne girls.
Ant's work received a couple of boxes delivered from a new supplier who also distributes McCalls and Butterick patterns. However it was rather surprising when said boxes didn't have the usual bubble wrap (or similar), and instead used dressmaking patterns! So of course they saved them for me, and I spent an entire evening sorting, ironing and refolding each sheet. I haven't quite finished but it seems most of the patterns are complete. Some are so not my size (or just not me) and what I was thinking of doing is posting photos of them here and if anyone wants them I'll send them - free! Aren't I nice? I didn't pay anything for them so why should I charge, and besides, I had my 100th post the other day and didn't offer a giveaway. Was that bad blogger etiquette?

Have a good weekend all. Here's hoping I won't be so slack next week......


  1. Jen, the satchel bag is terrific. Your family and friends are fortunate indeed to have someone creative and crafty who makes them such lovely gifts. The little foldover purse is a great idea and I love the fabric.

    How extraordinary they used patterns for packing! It's marvellous that you found some that you could use. I didn't realise you had your 100th post.


    Spotlight has a bit of a sale on so I thought I might have a sticky beak this weekend.

    Happy Stitching...Ann :)

  2. All will be revealed in due course aye..... Ohhhhhhhhhh the mind boggles....

  3. Looking forward to what's being revealed???Not sure about the 100th post etiquette either...is that what's done???Love the bag with the little flap on it...happy sewing for all the birthday gifts...lucky them!!! Dzintra XX

  4. Jen,

    The bag and little purse are divine. You are so clever! Aren't little projects great for those times, when we just don't feel like working on the bigger projects.

    You are not alone, being in a "slump", I can certainly sympathize.

    100th post? Really, and we missed it. Oh dear, oh my. I'm a long way of getting there... but a big hug, and CONGRATS, on your 100th blog.

    Blog Etiquette? Is there such a thing... I wouldn't worry about what everyone else does... don't worry about not keeping up with the Jones'.

    I look forward to hearing about the "reveal".

    Take care,

  5. Love the bags too! You should send some satchels Etsy way. Although, having said that, I'm in a slump and can't quite be bothered doing anything new for Etsy at the moment. Having to force myself to blog.

    You've made us all wonder now!

  6. Hi Jen,
    The bags are terrific. You have such a talent for that.
    Happy 100th blog by the way.I can't even imagine it. Seems to have gone by quickly.
    Take care, Debra