20 October 2008

sew choice

My apologies for being so tardy on the blog front. I had a nasty little head cold all last week which really knocked the stuffing out of me. I've never had so many colds in one year, should have gotten stuck into the vitamin C early on.....
So anyway, I found out about this English mag through the Prints Charming blog and the website allowed for pre-ordering using Paypal. The opportunity seemed too good to refuse. So I was naturally expecting a Prints Charming item in the issue, and was very impressed to see it made the front cover. Although more goodies were to be had, a the flick of a page....
Alicia Paulson is amazing, terribly creative and writes a beautiful blog about life, pets and crafty stuff. So it was a lovely surprise to see her featured also.
More Prints Charming goodness.

And even an article about Amy Butler! Awesome...
This little scamp is a great idea, designed to make use of left over fabric scraps - perfect!

I think it's wonderful that they're showcasing crafty talent from all over the world. My only hope is that this magazine will continue to live up to the standard it has set, and I look forward to seeing what the next issue will be like.


  1. Fer, Thanks for calling in and for your lovely comment ... am having so much fun blogging, it is a lovely place to be. Hope you're on the mend. Blessings from Dzintra Ingrid

  2. Ya know, I have been getting a bit bored lately... was wondering what I could do... thanks for reminding me that I have a lovely new sewing machine just waiting to be used! that magazine looks fab.

  3. Hmmm wonder if we can even get it here? If not, think I'll ask Wanna (Nannette) to send me one! Hope you are feeling better too!

  4. Hi Jen! I'm sorry to read that you have been suffering. I was flattened by hayfever last week which developed complications. I can see again now and have been battling a brokendown computer. Sheesh!

    Your magazine looks great and the Prints Charming projects are adorable. The hearts and bird almost look like those fancy iced cookies.

    Nice production values in the magazine. The little kitty is so cute. Did you see Claudie in the Christmas issue of Patchwork & Stitching?

    Cheers, Ann

  5. Syre do, we were there in March this year. Our first time to The Nut and 3rd to Tassie. Bought the burl in a shop where the owner looks like Meg Ryan. You're right about the spring weather being weird. I think the coast could be like the mountains, changeable but not as severe. Enjoy the rest of the day. Dzintra

  6. Hi Jen,

    That looks like a great magazine.

    And what they have done with the Prints Charming... fantastic! Gives me some really great ideas. *Grin*.

    Being sick is no fun, glad to hear you are feeling better. Do what it takes to build yourself up! A little sewing, a little sitting in front of your fireplace... you decide. *giggle*


  7. Looks like a great mag. Wonder if you can get it here in good ol lonnie!

  8. Hope you are feeling better Jen! I too am having trouble keeping up with blog-land at the moment...lifes too hectic! See you Thurs (I hope!!) Cathy

  9. I keep getting colds all the time .The last two years i have had the flu needles.I have had no colds or flu. I will keep getting the needle now.

  10. Hope you are feeling better.
    Love the magazine. Thanks for bring it to everyone's attention. It is just great. I love the projects... More reasons to buy fabric. (Heck I don't need much of a push-but the excuse is great)
    Take care and hope you feel better,

  11. Wow, that does look like a fab magazine! I just love the Prints Charming gals, they are just the best and their fabrics are so yummo.