10 October 2008

Show Day

Yesterday was a local public holiday for the Launceston Show. However I went the opposite direction to my sisters home near Chudleigh, collecting Mum along the way.
We spent a pleasant, and almost bohemian afternoon sitting on old quilts and some of Tara's cushions on the sunny side of the verandah. Sipping tea and indulging in some home made treats (Tara makes a mean pavlova).

I took my knitting. I'm not far from finishing Ant's pullover thank goodness. I don't do big projects very often, I tend to gravitate towards gloves, beanies and socks - I love knitting socks on four needles.

I'm typing this while Tifa is playing with an old ball of wool she pinched from my knitting basket. She's managed to tangle the yarn around almost every chair leg in the room.

And hey, guess what? You'll never guess ..... but we're off to Bruny Island this weekend - what a surprise! Sorry, it's just a fact of life this time of year and I need to get over it. Don't get me wrong, I love the place to bits - it's just the travelling that gets to me.


  1. Jen, your bohemian verandah picnic looks positively sublime!

    What a splendid way to spend a day. Mmmmm...pavlova...yum. I'm afraid I haven't knitted in a few years as it hurts my wrist. I have a charity blanket 3/4 done and the year before that I knitted 12 scarves.

    I ended up donating three half finished jumpers/cardigan to the Red Cross ladies.

    Consider me officially retired. One day I might pick up the needles again to knit a couple of OTT tea cosies.

    Have a great weekend,
    Ann :)

    P.S. the verification code today is *pusddog*. Coincidence?

  2. Cool photos!! Love the shot of your toes!! Cathy

  3. Jen, as Ann said... a very sublime day indeed!

    I've never had pavlova (okay, stop gasping).

    My "tenure" is up! YAY! Now, maybe I can get my life sort of back to normal (whatever that was).

    I am working one more day... but it is more reasonable hours from 10am-7pm. And then we'll see what happens after that.

    I'm sure Bruny is nice this time of year, although from what I've read you say, it is still somewhat cool where you are.

    Hope you had a great weekend!


  4. I feel relaxed just looking at the photos...