02 October 2008

because I can't help myself

A few weeks ago the lovely Ann posted about the spring fabrics she bought to make some clothes, and I recognised the fabric above as being available in my local Spotlight store also. I suggested that I buy a few metres as well and then we could compare the results. I'm thinking a nice long over-shirty type top, with pin tucks down the front and a bit of shaping at the waist. I have a pattern I can easily adapt to do this so I might just give it a try.

Something like the above would be nice for spring/summer too. I can't remember where I came across this magazine, may have been A Little Goodness's shop the other day but has sold since.

So what are you going to make for the season that you're in?


  1. It is a lovely fabric and I like your plans for the overshirt. Your pattern is nice too. Do you use Japanese patterns often?

    I haven't started on mine yet - hopefully soon. Need to finish the first batch of Christmas projects first.

    Happy Stitching, Ann

  2. Love the fabric!! What am I going to make?? Nothin...I dont do clothes...they never work!! Cathy

  3. oooooh that sounds fabulous! Hope you will post the results =]

  4. It is a great fabric Jen. I love pintucks. I used to do a great deal of heirloom sewing and just love the idea of the front being done that way. You are a talented lady. I can't wait to see the results.