05 August 2008

ye olde Singers rule

The more I use this bad boy the more I like it.

We've all been there though haven't we, any new piece of machinery (car, lawn mower, computer etc....) is just that bit daunting at first. There was a few different things I needed to learn with The Thug as well, one example is threading - snip off the old thread before it 'enters' the machine and tie the new thread on, pull the old thread through the machine (after removing it from the needle) and it will take the new thread with it. The main reason for this is because there's at least one little hook that is mighty hard to try and get the thread around doing it in the traditional manner. I've also learnt that this is the best way to change threads in an overlocker/serger.

I feel I'm mastering all the little quirks with this machine, and are not finding him so much of a Thug after all - more a gentle giant. He is big, and the motor under the table is loud, but I'm amazed at how slow it can actually go which enables me to have a lot more control and precision.

But this is the thing, it seems that we can't really get to know new machinery until we give them a personality, even a gender. My bicycle is a girl, my sewing machines are usually boys (there's also Bertie Bernina of course), fortunately the animals have a gender or else I'd assign them ones as well poor things/girls. I know not everyone is as bad as me, for some reason I find it important - or maybe I spent too much time being single before I met Ant. :)


  1. Jen I understand completely. I often attribute animal/gender qualities to machinery/electronic goods - especially when they don't work. For example, *You miserable cow!*.

    The fax machine at my work is definitely a male. It has to be woken up to perform and goes straight back to sleep once it has done so.

    My Janome 3500 and car are both *old girls* - reliable, work under all conditions and never let me down.

    I know, I have to get a life...


  2. I am so pleased to hear that you and your gentle giant are becoming very well acquainted.

    You have given me something to think about. I have never considered genderizing items before, or at least I am not aware of it.

    My iron must be male, if I use Ann's criteria. *grin*

    I will not be looking at anything the same way again.