21 August 2008

holy glove!

I love my gloves. They're perfect for riding the bike in winter, especially because they're quite long and so give my arms some extra warmth. This is the second hole I've had to darn though, and in a perfect world I'd already would've knitted a new pair but I've got this other thing on the go -

It's a jumper/pullover/sweater (depending on which country you live in) that I've been knitting for Anthony over the past, ummm, 2 years? It's a lovely jumper in herringbone stitch, I never used to be into patterned knitting - I much prefer fair isle but I've quite enjoyed this stitch. The wool is Australian, an alpaca blend. It's lovely to knit with and very warm. I've finished the front, back, one sleeve and have started the second sleeve, so it's not like it will take ages to finish.

I usually knit the smaller stuff like gloves beanies and socks, but it's been a long time between big projects so I thought I'd give it a go and now that the end is in sight I usually pick up the pace a bit.

Maybe I'll have the gloves for next winter......


  1. Fair Isle.... aaaaarrrgghhh! I can barely knit a fancy stitch. I haven't knitted for years. Nice jumper though, the wool looks incredibly soft.

    Handlebars on the bike are be a tad savage. I love a good pair of gloves preferably with a fake fur cuff.

    I have posted my six random things. Have I done it correctly?

    Cheers, Ann.

  2. Ha! I hope you finish the jumper! I started one for one of my grandsons about 3 years ago (hanging head in shame) it's never going to fit him now! I have totally gone off knitting... I am loving planning Brylee's quilt! Weeeeeee.....