27 August 2008

sewing companion

Lucy always amazes me, how a big dog whose height reaches just above my knee can curl herself into such a tight little ball.
Each morning when I sew before work she comes in to the sewing room and quietly lies somewhere out of the way.

Although, I think she's a bit disgruntled that I'm not lighting a fire so much any more and just have the little fan heater going. This girlie really loves a fire, and will usually get so hot in front of the lounge room wood heater she'll start panting before she decides she'd better move away to cool off.

Thanks also for the dacks sewing encouragement. I've nearly finished cutting all those pieces out but have to buy some suitable lining fabric this arvo, so yeah, that means more pieces to sew!


  1. Such a beautiful faihtful doggie. She must bring a smile to your face. Do you think she's trying to give you a message when she does that?

    Cheers, Ann.

  2. She's lovely and she looks a lot more cooperative about sewing than my toddler! I'm impressed that you sew before work too.