13 August 2008

seen Google maps lately?

This is a bit freaky really. If you type in your own address, and provided you street shows up on the map with a blue outline, you can actually view a photo of your house.

For my example here I decided to show the lovely Cocoon in downtown Launceston (click on the photo for a better view).

I can see it's benefits though, Loobylu is planning a trip to Japan and she's checking out places before she goes!


  1. I can't decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing. It seems a potential invasion of privacy but then again there are times when it will prove to be useful.

    Nice to see Coocoon though and I could post pix of my favourite fabric shops.


  2. Ta for. I wondered where the shop was! I must check it out next time I make it to Lonnie.

  3. Scarey aye....
    My boss showed me this the other day... and then I went home and Mark said he had something to show me on google later... and I sadi oh. how you can find our place on the net!! He thought I could read his mind..heheh I would rather not go there!!
    Have a top day... oh bugga.. I better run..early start today...
    Bloody slave drivers...
    Cheers Nannette

  4. That is so cool... and "Hi" from a chick in New Zealand who just made her first ever quilt (quite badly I might add!)... got your blog address from Nannette P.... she's a mate of mine! Love her to bits.