04 June 2008

stitch 'n bitch

Well, not that much bitching which is nice. You see I've finally found a lovely little stitching group that meets at different members houses. This is Leanne merrily sewing away, she's a stitchery power house this woman - which is pretty impressive considering she's got 3 young boys!

I must confess I'm not all that into this latest stitchery craze (although it is very sweet), so I've been taking my quilting instead - which is about the only time I get to work on it. Just as well I've joined the group then.

On the sewing machine front, I've made another top for myself which I'm really really pleased with. I'll have to organise myself and take a photo. I don't have any sewing to do for Tara at the moment as she's in Paris, house sitting amongst other things. Lucky cow.


  1. Welcome Jennifer,
    Good to have another member, we are growing and getting louder rather rapidly. See you Thursday,


    P.s Thank you for your tip about Picaso, is so much easier.

  2. HI Jen
    AAwww such nice comments you made about me, thank you, I'm really pleased you decided to join our group, I must apologise for my absence the last 2 weeks, too much going on to get there.
    Catch up soon
    Love Leanne

  3. Our stitching group is a bit of fun!! And love your new top!! Cathyxx