10 June 2008

fun but cold

This is what I looked like crawling out of Waubs Bay on Sunday night. I really wanted to do this dive as I've only done 2 night dives previously, and the first was rather scary considering my mask was broken and kept leaking and I could hardly see a thing and and and..... *deep breath*. The second night dive I did was also a shore dive up at Kelso on the Tamar River which was perfect, so I wanted to keep the good vibes happening at Bicheno.

There are members of our club who have been diving for up to 20 years (Ant included) and they never get tired of diving in Waubs Bay, day or night. Step off this old boat ramp (that I'm crawling up) and you're straight into a reef with oodles of sea life. I found this site with photos of the things we saw Sunday night, including those beautiful leafy sea dragons. I'd love to have an underwater housing for our camera but they're not cheap, and then you have to buy a strobe flash etc etc etc......


  1. This looks like fun, night diving would be a bit freaky but.

  2. Jen,

    Looks like you had great fun.