05 June 2008

keepin' warm and feelin' all link-y

So this is the second top I made with this pattern, it's a New Look one - 6683, nicely quick and easy to make too. The bodice is lined and I also lined the skirt for extra warmth and shape. I bought the fabric off Ebay late last year and had been waiting for the right project to come along. It's pure wool so my nose was receiving some yummy wool goodness whenever I ironed it. The first top I made is in a black and white cotton print, which I fully lined also as the print was a bit too thin and flimsy. I've been wanting a nice top to wear if we go out somewhere a bit posh and want to tart myself up a bit, so for about $15 I feel I've done good. Plus it seems to make the boobs look smaller, yay.

Yeah I know the photo's a bit on the crappy side, but this is what one has to do when one sits the camera on the ironing board and gets the self timer happening.

Now, the bunny pattern is from here. I used Prints Charming fabric plus a bit of Kristen's for the legs and ears. Me being the intrepid softie maker that I am didn't find this pattern too difficult, so I can highly recommend it. I think my biggest problem with softies is that I don't make enough of them, plus the fact that they're rather fiddly.

This weekend is a long one (Queens Birthday) and we're off to Bicheno for the Combined Club Weekend. Most of the dive clubs from around the state will be converging to take part in the event. There'll be a few dives, social stuff and the scuba Olympics - which is always good for a laugh. The water is pretty cold now and as I only wear a wet-suit I don't know how much diving I'll do, one day my dry-suit ship will come in.


  1. gorgeous top, funky bunny and Yay for the long weekend...although I don't know how you do it...I find the water cold enough in summer ;) Have fun on the weekend.

  2. Aww... the bunny is cute.

    You've done a great job on the top, you are most talented my friend.

    Ahh... I must remember to email you... hee hee... now you will have to wait to see what that is all about.

    I thought that the Quilting Bloggers directory is a great idea. Will be neat to see how it grows. I've had a few "BC'ers" leave me messages... so that's cool.

    Have a wonderful weekend, didn't know you folks celebrate it at a different time of year than us. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned.


  3. Love your top Jen, you are so clever.

  4. That's a gorgeous top-dress thing, I'm wearing something of a similar style myself right now, but different. Love the fabric and the buttons and the colour :) If you're stuck on a birthday pressie for me....