26 June 2008

don't be crewel

So this book, The New Crewel, been around for a wee while but what the hey, it was on sale at Purl Soho along with the fabric. What other excuse do I need?

I love how traditional methods, hundreds of years old even, can be used in modern ways without being over-the-top or too try-hard. The book is full of small, manageable samplers which can then be used on their own - such as below. Aren't they sweet?

There is also a chapter of larger projects, for example embellishing the hem of a skirt with twirls to create a 3 dimensional/tactile feel but again, without looking tacky and overdone.

So what will I tackle? There's a butchers apron pattern in there which uses one of the small samples as a patch, I need a new apron so this may be the place to start. I really enjoy hand embroidery but just don't get the time to do it, any spare hand sewing time goes to quilting. Tara makes the time to embroider, but this is what she does and is doing her best to earn an income from it.

And the fabric? Who knows, the colours are an odd departure for me but I was really drawn to them. Salmon of all things, more smoked salmon I suppose. I think they're the type of fabric I'll leave sitting around for a while, waiting for the right project to come along. :)

PS. I've only just discovered that Blogger decided that comments weren't allowed on my last post, this explains why I thought nobody liked me any more (just joshin'). I've fixed it now, not that it really matters I suppose.


  1. Ah... so that was the package! Very cool.

    CanadaPost takes the long way around to get to Australia, I guess. I think it is sent by surface, as opposed to air, here's hoping you get my package soon!

    I haven't tried crewel. I'm going to wait in anticipation to see what you have decided to start with!


  2. Looks like a lot of fun. The spiderwebs remind me of caramel buttons, don't you think?

    I miss my ribbon embroidery which I enjoyed immensely. It's a very forgiving form of embroidery.

    Cheers, Ann.

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