15 June 2008

sunday walk

It was such a lovely weekend, especially after all the rain last week. So Lucy and I embarked on a nice long Sunday morning walk. I've been wanting an opportunity to take the camera with me, as normally I'm up at 6am of a week day and at the moment it's too dark to see much at all.
I love gables.

Launceston Tasmania is pronounced - "Lon-sess-ton", as apposed to it's namesake in Cornwall England which is pronounced "Lawn-ston". I've never found out how we came to mispronounce it, being one of the oldest cities in Australia I suppose the name has had plenty of time to evolve. Australia is a relatively young country, only 220 years since the first settlement and Launceston was actually settled before Melbourne. So there you go.
Launceston and East Launceston have some of the oldest and most beautiful houses. Over the past 20 years a lot of them have been restored to their former glory, nice.

The winter light is so pale and serene. Everything seems hushed and in hibernation mode.
West Launceston viewed from the top of Franklin Street. The first house I bought is over there, just off the left of the photo.
We have some beautiful examples of Georgian architecture. We'll just pause here while I have a Jane Austen moment.Melbourne is the city that is most renown for it's Victorian terraces, but we've got a few too.

Back into the sewing room and I've whipped up this little creation, inspired by a leather version I saw the other day. Whatcha think? It's only small, the type of purse/bag thing that you'd take out somewhere nice. You know, big enough to hold your money, phone and lippy. This is the left over fabric from the other top I made, so I'll look very smart when the time comes to go out on the town. :)You'd think I had fussy cut the fabric but I didn't, it was just 'meant to be'. he he he


  1. Jen,

    I am going to have to come visit you. BC is only 150 years old... this year in fact.

    I love the architecture in your town. I love gables too.

    I'm glad you had some good weather to take some pics, you live in a very lovely place.


  2. Beautiful, I love black and white!!! Cathyxx

  3. Alice, you know I'd love for you to visit! We still have our fair share of ugly houses, I just don't look at them. :o)

    I'd love to visit BC and check out all that wonderful rugged landscape!


    Thanks Cathy!

  4. Thanks for the tour. I want to come more than ever now!

  5. Jen I love your blog. I did not know you had one. I will h ave to learn to link it to mine. For now I will just bookmark it personally.
    I love your town. I live in a Victorian town,but love the older buildings.
    The purse it adorable!!!! I love black and white.
    Thanks again,

  6. *sigh*

    I miss that architecture so much! I used to go for long walks around Launceston while I was at college there, and gaze at them all.

    We'll just pause here while I have a Jane Austen moment.

    That made me laugh! I could just see that!

    I love those terraces - I always thought of Sydney as the city of terraces though. I remember Glebe being full of them. They're so iconic.

  7. Hey Jen,

    I would love to show you BC. I would love to see BC... hee hee.

    Your package is on its way... I think it went out in today's mail. Will be interesting to see how long it takes to get there.

    I was hoping to tuck in a couple of other things, but I didn't get my act together enough.


  8. You're probably right about the terraces Shan. I've seen more of Melbourne than Sydney so that's probably why I think Melbourne!

    Then there's the even older sandstone buildings of Hobart. I drool just at the thought of them!

  9. oh my...I HAVE to visit Launceston, it's so pretty...some of it doesn't look Australian at all. Just stunning! I'll be over when my bank account allows me to ;)

  10. Ah Jen, Tasmania is my favourite place in Oz and Lonnie is my favourite place in Tassie.

    I love the architecture, light, pace and tone of the place. Gentrified. Your remark about a Jane Austen moment made me smile...You'll have to make the quilt!

    The gardens just out of the centre of town are a delight. Last time I was there all the camellias and rhododenrons were in bloom. Very pretty indeed.

    I spent a week in the south about 4 years ago and rather enjoyed Richmond and its environs. Little beats the colour of all that sandstone in the late afternoon when the sun is at that angle to cast a golden glow.

    Sigh, memories.

    Cheers, Ann