18 June 2008

what's this?

Hmmmm, just something brewing in the background - so to speak. I shall hopefully have some more to show soon...... ish.

I love my Thug, sews through leather like a hot knife through butter. Although not long after I took this photo it got jammed up and the timing went out. Problem? No! I can actually re-set the timing myself, along with a little help from a good friend (and previous user of the beast).

Now to change the subject in a big way. We watched Top Gear the other night - about the only show on telly that we make a point of seeing. This story just make me giggle the whole way through, and yeah I know we're about 6 months behind the UK with this series.

I'd love to say "I want one!" but I don't. This is what I'd like!! :o)

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  1. YAY!! Comment leaving time.. (and of course it matters :p )

    What a cute idea, and these cars were from the 60's... I like your choice of car too!