28 May 2008

one of my favourite music videos

Tara posted one of her favs and it inspired me to do so too.

TISM (This Is Serious Mum) is a Melbourne band and no one knows what they look like as they always wear masks. They've been around for years and I've only just remembered to see if this brilliant video was on YouTube. Filmed at an old Melbourne warehouse (or docks?) too -

Still makes me giggle.....


  1. That was amazing, that they had all those bands set up like that.

    Those poor guys... didn't get their chance.

    Great clip!


  2. I think I remember that band... yeah, I do, I'd forgotten all about them. Are the bands in the clip real bands? I didn't recognise any of them. oh but the school band! so cute!

  3. There's only a couple of bands I recognise - 28 days and Klinger. They're probably all local Melbourne bands, whether they're around anymore is another thing!

    Yeah, I love the high school band - it's a nice touch. :o)